22 February 2012

Bangkok, our "Emerald City"

Remember the part in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her companions reach the Emerald City? And remember how they get the full spa treatment, washing away all the travails of their journey? Bangkok has been like that for us.



Our four-star high rise hotel is air conditioned and everything in our room works, especially the hot water! On our first afternoon we went to a made-to-measure shop and selected some new clothes. Rob's new sport coat and pants will be lovely. Here he is during the fitting; I took these pictures for Rob's Mom. Nice hair cut, eh? That happened after the massage ...



Yes, we went for a Thai massage. Here we are waiting our turn, so this is a "before" picture.

Aahhhh, the massage was wonderful. Thai massage techniques are somewhat different from those applied in Canada. The masseuse frequently climbs up on the massage table to get more leverage and to "walk" on parts of your body. I wasn't quite sure when the petite masseuse said, "Can I stand, on your legs?" It felt kind of intense, but beneficial too. After two hours, during which I felt a bit like a well-oiled pretzel, all the muscle strain from our lemur hikes began to dissolve. I realized that my tight shoulders were actually loosening. About his massage experience, Rob commented, "I never had anyone crawl up my body with their knees and elbows before. It was good." We both felt like we could float afterwards.

A crazy, busy city that is famous for "anything goes" paid sex, drugs, gemstones and silk, Bangkok has been, for us, an intense contrast to the basic rural life we experienced in Madagascar. Stay tuned for more Thai posts.




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