21 February 2012

Faces of Madagascar

As our travels have expanded, I have grown more brave with my camera. I love to get close-up candid shots of the people along the way, but it can be tricky.  People don't always appreciate being photographed; with practice I've become a little more adept at using my telephoto.  I thought I would share some of my portraits.

The woven caps serve to stabilize the baskets and other things the women carry on their heads.  They can also turn the cap over and use it as a small basket, again of the head. Excellent if you just need to buy a few tomatoes or plums.



The zebu meat seller offers his wares.  He whistled and this young mother came to check the quality and make a purchase.  

Her little one carries home the meat.  Children learn to participate in household activities at a very young age.

Joey, on the right, explains a landmark to Dorique during a "photo stop".  I know we were their clients, but these were two very kind men.  By the end of our journey together, we were sorry to say goodbye.

The children are my favorite subjects. 


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  1. Love the young girl (fifth pic) in the orange. She has such bright eyes.