24 March 2012

Oh, but the fish are nibbling

This post should make you smile. Let me set the scene ... It's our last night in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We take a tuk-tuk from the hotel downtown to Pub Street for a casual dinner. That sounds promising, doesn't it?

We turned a corner and saw a fish spa set up on the sidewalk. We had been seeing fish spas since Thailand and thought they looked weird, even kind of gross. Maybe it was the summery atmosphere of Siem Reap or just knowing it was our last night, but we paused when the young proprietor asked us to consider his fish spa. Rob looked at the fish. He put his hand in the tank. He thought about his rough travel-weary feet and decided to give it a try, especially after the young fellow promised a free beer.

According to the Dr Fish website, "some find the experience ticklish at first but the feeling passes quickly so that deep relaxation can begin." Ticklish? Just check out this expression!

Dr. Fish explains that "the authentic Garra Rufa fish are known for their healing benefits and are native to the hot springs of the Kengal Valley in Turkey. The fish gently nibble the skin to stimulate, rejuvenate and improve the overall health of your skin through natural exfoliation. The experience provides an amazing massage and invigorating sensation similar to that of mini Jacuzzi jets."

"Garra Rufa fish have no teeth and secrete a therapeutic enzyme called dithranol that takes care of your skin. This unique enzyme also reduces the over development of skin cells to ease and prevent the symptoms of many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis."

Sounds great, right? After about 10 or 15 minutes, the young guy convinced Rob he should try the bigger fish for an even better and more soothing result. Always brave, Rob took his advice. And here's our man as he gets a first ticklish nibble from the bigger fish.

This expression alone was enough to convince me to pass on a fish spa. For some things it's really best to be the one responsible for documentation.


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  1. Wow, very interesting information. I've never heard of a fish massage before. Thanks for sharing.