13 March 2012

Riding rickshaws in Tan Chau

Reporting on our modes of travel has been fun. In Tan Chau our group hopped aboard one-person rickshaws for a fast tour of the town. The rickshaws are attached directly to a bicycle and are probably more comfortable if you are a tiny Vietnamese.

Still, it is a great way to see a slice of town life. Shops and rice wine rooms are close to the road. While we were busy looking at the locals, they were busy looking at us! The kids get so excited when they see foreigners, they call out, "Hello, hello, hello."

Many people use carts to do their daily chores. We passed several on our ride.

Here's Rob kind of stretched out on his little metal "chariot".

And here's my rickshaw driver. I can only guess at how many years he's been riding down the streets of Tan Chau.

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