20 January 2012

An African playlist

On safari, we found ourselves singing "Diamonds on the Soles of her Feet" (I know, Paul Simon again) as we took in the morning view under the bimini top of our Land rover.  Wondering what else is playing on my iPad?  Here's some of my playlist for Africa. 

Fatima - K'naan
Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies
Wondering Where the Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn
Wild Life - Paul McCartney and Wings
Otana, My African Dream - Claude Carmichael and George Marinelli (the BEST version)
Kalimba - Mr. Scruff

And, a whole bunch of wonderful tunes with Amin Bhatia and Johnny Clegg in collaboration, including:

Garden of Eden
Trouble in Paradise
Family Tree
My Beautiful Baboon

I think tunes by Johnny Clegg sound like Africa. And the whole of Paul Simon's "Graceland" feels like Africa calling.  I love this music and I keep making Rob listen to this playlist in our hotel room. I heard him humming "Homeless" today.

This post is for friends in Edmonton ... For Holly Huber who loves to make playlists. And for Peter Hamilton who enjoys an amazing mash-up of tunes on his iPod every day. We have really tried to get into the spirit of things on the African leg of our journey.

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