07 January 2012

In transit

After visiting with friends in Toronto, we boarded our flight for Africa via Amsterdam.  Now, sitting in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, we are definitely in transit. We tried our best to sleep on the flight and I suppose we did some. Here we sit in the morning hour, sipping supertest airport coffee and studying the faces around us.  Several look like Nairobi, Kenya might be home.  So we are getting closer to Kilimanjaro and the true launch of our African travels.

Wanted people to know that we are safe.

1 comment:

  1. I thought of you two on your first travel day. I missed my YHZ-YHZ direct and had to go by way of Ottawa so I arrived in Toronto well after you did. I would have loved to come over to T3 to meet your flight but it was not to be.
    Glad to hear you're on your way and I look forward to your posts.