16 January 2012

Tanzanian treasure

Our exploration of the parks in Tanzania began on our first morning in Africa, about 30 some hours after leaving Toronto.  What an amazing transition!  Bekari, our guide from Bobby Tours based in Arusha, is quiet and knowledgeable. Already he has tutored us in many things about the land and its animals.  We are visiting four parks/reserves: Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Manyara.  The landscape is different in each park which means the animal populations vary to some degree.  Each offers amazing opportunities for animal viewing and photographs.  The parks truly are Tanzania's treasure.

Map of Tanzania National Parks

As we suspected, our time on safari is pretty much unplugged.  We can charge our batteries, but access to wireless Internet is non-existent. That is not necessarily a bad thing, except that we will be delayed in sharing our stories.  Writing this in our room at the hotel in the Serengeti, I can't help but reflect on how relaxing the safari experience is proving to be.  We drive out in the morning in search of animals beginning their day.  We head back for lunch and a rest and then return to driving the open grasslands and the river lowlands. There is so much to see ... 

Like zebra.

And giraffe...

And baboons ...

Every day on safari is filled with stories. 

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