23 January 2012

Sunset at Mercury's

If the guide books are to be believed, a visit to Zanzibar wouldn't be complete without a sundowner at Mercury's bar.  Named for the island's talented native son, Freddy Mercury of the 70s rock band, Queen, it is located right on the beach and ideally situated for admiring the sunset.  It's a great place to observe the rough and tumble of a beach soccer match too.

The Queen memorabilia was everywhere, but we didn't have the heart to ask of Freddy had ever actually graced the bar. Still, we did and although we didn't buy the t-shirt, we did enjoy the sunset along with a lot of  "Lonely Planet" types. And I enjoyed a local beverage - ginger beer - or as it is called in Swahili, "tangawizi". It was an evening to remember.

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